The Tottys

The most chill, most perfect, most winter wonderland-filled day.

Sarah-Katherine and I actually grew up together, and although the years did what they do to friends and we didn't talk all that much, she never ever stopped cheering my business on. When she got engaged, she told her mom (another special lady in my life) that all she wanted was Ben, the mountains, and me - and no I definitely didn't tear up at that at all. 

SK and Ben are Tennessee natives who wanted a small relaxed wedding in Colorado, with just their twelve closest family members, and they got just that.

All twelve family members, the bride and groom, and one lucky pair of photographers got to stay in an amazing cabin in Breckenridge. When we drove up in the morning, Nick and I almost passed it because we thought for sure that it was too good to be true.

After brunch and mimosas, SK, her sister, and I went into town to get their hair done at a cute little local hair salon. It was one of only a few spots that day that were located outside the cabin - everything else took place in that magical little Air B&B.

Sarah-Katherine proved that intimate weddings don't have to exclude important friends - she Facetimed those she loved most dearly, and the excitement from everyone involved was just as amazing as any other wedding, if I do say so myself.

The four of us (myself driving SK and Nick driving Ben) went just up the road for their first look. We found a perfect little field of snow that was uh, a little deeper than we thought, but you don't get to have a wedding in Colorado without working for it - as we so often like to say. I laugh every time I look at these pictures because the hugs their reaching for are so divided between love and desperation to stay standing. Still, of course, it was perfect. 

Sarak-Katherine and Ben were married by his dad, on the patio of the cabin, with the Rocky Mountains behind them. Imagine hanging with your family on a patio, laughing and loving, taking in a killer view, and then getting married right there. We've done a lot of different kinds of weddings - and this one is up there on the list.

We only left again for sunset portraits - and it was a the most perfect little "getaway" for the bride and groom. We walked them down a snowy path and promised it would be worth it. When we got to the edge and SK saw the view, she looked at me in awe and (what I like to think is) thanks, and I'll never ever forget it.

We ended the night with dinner, cake, and an impromptu first dance in the living room after we all convinced them they couldn't end the day without one. They even got their own kind of "sparkler exit" - aka everyone playing with sparklers on the patio. It was perfect.

I guess you could say we really ended the night in the hot tub, drinking and talking until Nick and Ben quite literally fell asleep. It was a gooooood day y'all - one of the many that makes me pinch myself.

These babes got their simple mountain wedding and then some.

Kenzie Blink