The Masseys

These two. This day. Their looooooove y’all.

Meghan and Matthew got married at the beautiful Missouri Athletic Club in downtown St. Louis. Trust us, we love our mountains just as much as the next guy (jk a lot more), but we loooove a chance to shoot in the city. It’s the people that shine, no matter where we go, and sometimes people shine BRIGHT in a city. 

The gals got ready in an old school beauty salon upstairs, and the boys drank beers and played pool in the game room (duh). Oh and Meghan ate cheetos while somehow looking like a vintage queen. Cigars were smoked, letters were exchanged, and lots of prayers were said before we all made our way to the ceremony. 

Oooooh this ceremony/reception space. There was a handmade floral wall that they said I do in front of, and a giant wall of BEAUTIFUL handmade paper flowers that her MOTHER surprised her with. Oh and chandeliers galore. It was everything I imagined and more when Meghan first said “old Hollywood style.” 

Oh and we can’t skip past the “I do’s” themselves. Ugh. Matthew has a heart of solid gold, and let’s just say he had the entire crowd sobbing every time he wiped his tears. Their vows to each other were the most beautiful we’ve ever heard. I’m not kidding. With the help of the gracious bride: here's a tiny bit of them: 

"Today the vows I make to you in front of all of our loved ones are not simply promises, yet they are privileges for me. Meghan I promise to always be the shoulder you need to cry on during the rough times ahead. I promise to celebrate your triumphs as my own. I promise to be adventurous and explore this world with you. I promise to always put your wants ahead of mine, to think of you first before I say no to anything that will bring you joy."

"I promise to always love you, I wish there was another word for love because that word gets over said these days but I will says this Matthew, I look forward to being completely enamored, infatuated, and totally devoted to you for the rest of my days."


Meghan was my bride of all brides and gave this day not one but two gorgeous dresses. She wanted to be able to dance (another reason she’s our fave) and did a little first look with Matthew upstairs while everyone ate the best wedding meal I’ve ever had. Side/very important note that can’t be missed - A GROOM IN WHITE.

We all danced till 2am. No lie. 

We love you Meg and Matt, and I miss this day all the time.

Kenzie Blink