Kimmy + Ryan

Oooph this session - it's by far one of our favorites. Nick and I had been to Moab a few times before this, but it had never shown off for us like it did for Kimmy and Ryan. 

We drove out from Denver and these babes drove out from Salt Lake City. Six hours our way and four hours theirs, all for a less than a twenty-four hour stay, but I think we can all tell you it was worth it. 

We got in super late and Kimmy and Ryan got in even later. Nick did what he typically does, and asked if I was sure they weren't murderers when we pulled up to a dark Air B&B. (As you might have guessed, they were not.) We stayed up late enough to hug them hello, of course ended up talking for awhile, and planned the day ahead.

We woke up, ate some local breakfast that sweet Nick and Ryan went out to get, and packed up for a full day in the desert.

We hiked into a little valley, played in a little swimming hole I decided I could live in, and let both their pup and our pup run free. My favorite part of the shots from the beginning of the day, though, are how different they are than the rest. Moab, y'all.

The day started off sunny and bright, so as two photographers who love some clouds, we prayed all day for rain. About an hour before sundown, Mother Nature showed UP. We were gifted with the most beautiful summer afternoon storm - full of all kinds of clouds, rain showers, and rainbows y'all.

All of this somehow made Moab even more dreamy, and honestly, look like the damn grand canyon. When Nick and I get really excited about a spot, we continually shout as many curse words that come to mind. Let's just say we found alllllll the words this night. Kimmy and Ryan's reaction came in the form of jumping. You'll see what I mean below.

Nick and I drove those six hours back to Denver right after the shoot. It was one of those ones you want to relive a hundred more times - the kind that we couldn't shut up about for at least three of those hours. I'd like to thank Kimmy and Ryan, Moab, and precipitation for that. 

Kenzie Blink