Hi I’m Kenzie!!!! I use a lot of exclamation marks and I will most definitely call you by “babe” by our second email. I’m an open book, could talk to a wall, and will make lots of tiny friendships on your wedding day. I prefer the edges of Yosemite over the safe zones, and there’s not a tree I wouldn’t climb for a good shot. I want to have client meetings over wine and dinner parties long after the wedding is over.

I love all of these things in no particular order: sour candy, hiking, Friends, rock-climbing, camping, my plant babies, other people’s actual babies, pinot-grigio, dried flowers, salt on top of sweets, my nightshirt (if you think of Nick on New Girl when I say that, please do book with us), talking on the phone with friends, that slime kids make these days, Santorini, buzzfeed articles, the smell of grapefruit, Jonathan Van Ness, pesto, and Law and Order: SVU.

About Nick

Hey I’m Nick. Being able to capture your day is the coolest part of my job. I try to capture the not so usual point of view, so you’ll usually see me scurrying to do so. I get stoked on finding the almost-missed moments. I’m the more careful one and I’ll ask you more than once if you’re comfortable. Also, I’m the one asking Kenzie to get out of the tree.

I’m a fan of drinking beer at Rockies games, hip-hop, and a bedtime popsicle. I golf too much and I swear I'll get better one of these days.


Hi I’m Kona :) I’m the unpaid assistant. I do a lot of work that goes unnoticed, but you might meet me at a session.

I’m a little shy and slightly neurotic, but I’ll try and mouth kiss you soon enough. Apparently, this is all for me.